Kushe from Andi – Sudu Practicum Student

Hello! Kushe o! My name is Andi and I am excited to say that I am working as a Practicum Student for SUDU this summer. My work will mainly be monitoring and evaluating SUDU’s progress and contributing to the current health curriculum. This is a wonderful opportunity as I complete my first year in graduate school. Currently, I am studying public health with a focus on international health and development at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I was a community health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Moyamba District, Sierra Leone.

Those two years were really special, so when I saw the opening for SUDU to do work related to my field in Sierra Leone, I jumped at the opportunity! I was drawn to SUDU because it is a smaller organization in humanitarian work and capacity building. Specifically, providing safe and happy homes to children while working with the families in areas of health and education. I really believe in the work they are doing and am eager to see the different impacts made.

Initially, we planned for me to spend three months in Freetown working closely with the staff and other partners. Given the current situation of the world, I will gain the professional experience remotely. Although it will have its challenges, such as eating cassava leaf and beans virtually…I am very grateful that the SUDU team were willing to adapt to the changes. After starting my orientation, I have seen the excitement and passion this team has for the positive work they are doing. I am looking forward to building relationships and to be a part of a team working to change the status quo. Leh wi go!

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