We are hiring!

Sudu is hiring for two positions in Sierra Leone! Check them out below.

Part-time Accountant

Sudu is looking for a part-time accountant to direct and oversee financial activities of the organization including preparation of current financial reports as well as summaries and forecasts for future growth and general economic outlook. See full job description

Early childhood tutor

Sudu is looking for an experienced tutor to conduct once a week tutoring sessions with Sudu’s children. The individual should have early childhood teaching/tutoring experience. See full job description

Statement on Child Sexual Abuse

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Statement on Child Sexual Abuse

To our Sudu community far and wide, as an organization, we are devastated to hear of the recent case of the minor who was sexually abused and passed away in Sierra Leone. As a children’s organization, such an act deeply concerns us and we feel obliged to not only condemn such an act, but to provide some education based on our work to help parents, guardians, and our larger community protect our children in Sierra Leone.

We call on the Sierra Leone government, civil society organizations, NGOs and all stakeholders to take actionable steps to reduce violence of any kind against children. We are advocating for educational campaigns in schools and in all organizations that work with children. These campaigns should focus on (1) how to identify signs of abuse and trauma (2) how to drive impactful conversations with children on such sensitive topics and (3) The rights of the child, the laws pertinent to child abuse of any kind. We are also advocating for transparent data sharing on offenders and subsequent penalties rendered by the law, number of cases and other pertinent data. We urge the government to create such a database and make the information public, in order to enable organizations like ours to understand where to best intervene.

Read Full Statement.

Sudu Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Sudu stands in solidarity with our African American, Caribbean and African communities in our fight against systemic racism, white supremacy and the historic oppression and marginalization of the black community. As a child advocacy organization, we will continue to encourage and engage our partners, donors and all citizens as we participate in driving positive change to ensure every individual is treated with respect and dignity in the United States, Sierra Leone and around the world.

The United States of America is an extremely diverse nation, one made up of indigenous peoples, descendants of enslaved Africans, and immigrants from across the globe. It is a nation of diverse perspectives and opinions, one that through struggle and resilience delivered the Civil Rights Movements. It is also a nation founded on land taken from its indigenous Native Americans; one with its early economic strength built on the backs of enslaved Africans with successive waves of immigrants who strive to experience the American ideal; a national ethos in which democracy, human rights, liberty, freedom and equality are supposed to be protected and the opportunity for prosperity and success can be achieved through hard work.

For full statement, please click here.

Thank you.

The Sudu Executive Team

Kushe from Andi – Sudu Practicum Student

Hello! Kushe o! My name is Andi and I am excited to say that I am working as a Practicum Student for SUDU this summer. My work will mainly be monitoring and evaluating SUDU’s progress and contributing to the current health curriculum. This is a wonderful opportunity as I complete my first year in graduate school. Currently, I am studying public health with a focus on international health and development at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I was a community health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Moyamba District, Sierra Leone.

Those two years were really special, so when I saw the opening for SUDU to do work related to my field in Sierra Leone, I jumped at the opportunity! I was drawn to SUDU because it is a smaller organization in humanitarian work and capacity building. Specifically, providing safe and happy homes to children while working with the families in areas of health and education. I really believe in the work they are doing and am eager to see the different impacts made.

Initially, we planned for me to spend three months in Freetown working closely with the staff and other partners. Given the current situation of the world, I will gain the professional experience remotely. Although it will have its challenges, such as eating cassava leaf and beans virtually…I am very grateful that the SUDU team were willing to adapt to the changes. After starting my orientation, I have seen the excitement and passion this team has for the positive work they are doing. I am looking forward to building relationships and to be a part of a team working to change the status quo. Leh wi go!