Our Programs

SUDU provides three layers of services including; 1) Selection of families who are trained to support the orphaned children that will be placed into their homes (2)Provision of education to orphans. Nursery/Preschool-Kindergarten with a focus on on social emotional learning (3) Within the broader community, SUDU works partner organizations who work with the children to serve as intermediary foster homes until children are fully placed in care.


SUDU provides Pre-K to K educational services that focuses on social, emotional learning (SEL) experience with an open classroom structure. Children will be allowed to form their own educational experiences. Giving children agency by choosing their activities and designing their learning with at least two educators in each classroom (one academic and one wellness support … Continue reading Education

A Home & Family

One of the most unique aspects of SUDU is the living arrangements. Children will live in homes with a parent or two and at the most five children. Parents will be trained on quality care with staff to assist in creating authentic, family relationships. Some of the key features of the family life are: family … Continue reading A Home & Family